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The benefits of fast food

Proximity, correct price and quality, guaranteed speed First of all

 there is the proximity of establishments to workplaces. They are usually located in city centers, in shopping centers as well as business and industrial districts. Added to this is excellent value for money, a not insignificant criterion in these times of crisis: it is not given to everyone to afford a restaurant for lunch when not all companies have canteen. The speed and practicality of the formula (takeaway sale, for example) are also taken into account. Since the advent of the continuous day system, the French have less and less time to devote to their lunch and sometimes even their dinner. In a fast food restaurant, the meal lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.


Fast food establishments regularly launch new products and new formulas, which is not to displease little gourmets who suddenly have the choice between an extreme variety of dishes.  Creativity is therefore well and truly present in the sector, just as it is in themed catering and, of course, in gourmet restaurants.  As a result, it is not uncommon for the French to opt for fast food for their restaurant outing (after the cinema for example).

Relaxed and uninhibited dining

Fast Food establishments exude freedom and friendliness.  Constraints are almost non-existent.  And this translates into a particularly generous menu.  This is generally established in such a way that everyone can find what they are looking for (children’s, family, halal, economical, organic fast-food menus, etc.).  We therefore understand the cosmopolitan nature of these street-food establishments, which at the same time become a meeting place for members of different social classes.  Finally, people under 30 make up the bulk of fast food customers.

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