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Top 12 exciting things to do in Agadir !

Generally when people hear about Morocco, their minds unconsciously drift to Marrakesh. Yet Agadir is a destination worth remembering thanks to its long shorelines with its white fine sand, to the year sunshine round, and the variety abundant entrainment and leisure activities. 

You will never get bored in Agadir!  Are you Eager to know why?

Here are the top places to visit :


The beach

Agadir is located along the Atlantic coast in south Morocco and it is well-known by the beach resort attracting important numbers of tourists all year long.

The shoreline runs for kilometers where the view will simply enthrall you with its long blue horizon. Not to mention the glowing sun providing the perfect climate for all. The beach is the perfect destination to enjoy some exciting water activities such as banana point, the kayaking for relaxation, or be adventurous and bump in the waves with a jet ski, and all of this at unimaginable reasonable prices

Marina Agadir

Situated at the very end of the long sandy beach, Marina is recently constructed making her one of the must visit places in Agadir with its various yachters to enjoy one lifetime experience with a boat tour in the Atlantic Ocean. Marina has amazing cafés and authentic restaurants with luxurious meals reviewed as in a Michelin restaurant in the most delightful summer vibes and astonishing view of the sea.

Are you hooked yet? Well good news!  This is just the beginning. Tighten up your seatbelt because the ride is just getting exciting

‘Vallee des Oiseaux’ Bird Valley 

It is recommended to visit the Vallee des Oiseaux, located in the same area. The bird valley is a free attraction where various types of birds consider it home such as finches, flamingoes, parrots etc. there are even other animals including goats, monkeys and gazelles call the park home too!

The park has a playground for kids to enjoy during the visit.

Okay! I know what you’re thinking; you are probably wondering if there is another park with fearsome animals.

Well Agadir has it all for you, now let’s get going with the list:


Crocoparc is a newly-opened wildlife reserve for more than twenty-three species subdivided into three major zoological families: crocodiles, gavialidés and alligatoridés. And they are called the nile crocodiles who are referenced as being potentially man-eating.

Thrilling right?

Crocoparc encounters perfectly with all the environmental standards to provide the crocodiles a similar natural habitat. There is also a reserved area for the botanical garden for you to discover more than 300 species and admire the beauty of the exotic plants with their divine smell. It is a one of kind unique experience to visit the so called crocodile paradise. I highly recommend you to see and learn about these aquatic animals close up.

Now after you discover these much-feared beasts, it is time for you to be bewildered by these friendly aquatic mammals in the Agadir Dolphin World

Dolphin World

Dolphins are one of the most beautiful animals in the world and in Agadir, more precisely in Anza, 10kilometers west Agadir you will get the chance to live unforgettable moments and exciting emotions while they are admirably showing you their magical movements and you will be blessed by their soothing voices as they welcome you in the dolphinarium. Words would not describe the feelings you will experience. Anyway, it is a MUST!

Souss Park

If you are craving some tree-climb to release your stress or to have fun with friends and family, spending a day at Souss Park will surely satisfy you with its several courses composed of various games at different heights. The park runs for about 2 hectares providing the perfect environment for productive leisure time.

Xtreme Park

xtreme is a newly-opened attraction site with sufficiently satisfying games along with the haunted house  for everyone ,but mostly for youngers . If you are looking forward spending some quality time with your children then xtreme park is the perfect destination, the players will experience a variety of strong adrenalized, thrilling feelings.

Far from attractions let me enlighten you about of my all-time favorite place to shop

Souk el had

Souk el had is the biggest market in Morocco. It has always been very famous among locals and it is considered a necessity for every tourist to visit the souk due to its diverse products and countless good reviews. 

Moreover, the best thing is that you can find almost anything you are searching for, from traditional goods, modern-stylish clothes, electronics, high quality jewelry and even home furnishings.


Located in 15km west ride from Agadir and you will arrive to one of Agadir’s pearls, Taghazout village.

In fact, the moment you step in Taghazout, you would be astonished by the local’s greetings and welcoming offering you their humble hospitality for you to feel like home. This village has become a world-renowned surf spot in Morocco.

Besides, the atmosphere is filled with a mixture of coziness, hippie vibes perfect for relaxation and meditation. So what are some of the best things to do when you visit Taghazout?


As it has been recognized that Taghazout is the Capital of surf in the kingdom, followed by Anza with it’s incredibly waves in the Agadir. It is evident that surfers from around the world always visit this coastal village at least once in their lifetime to catch some waves and enjoy their leisure time in the resort.


As it has been recognized that Taghazout is the Capital of surf in the kingdom, followed by Anza with it’s incredibly waves in the Agadir. It is evident that surfers from around the world always visit this coastal village at least once in their lifetime to catch some waves and enjoy their leisure time in the resort.

Adventurous activities

Get you the chance to experience the ride of your life with tourist companies offering you a variety of adventurous activities, from 4×4 rides, buggy rides, quad biking and many other adrenaline inducing escapades in town.


Coco Polizzi was built as tribute to the all the historic monuments that once were destroyed in the 1960 earthquake. The medina is well designed and it reflects the old houses and different traditional stores. It is a perfect place to appreciate Agadir’s insights. The medina holds multiples events such as weddings or diploma ceremonies and others .it also offers Moroccan specialties in a pleasant three lined-setting. There is also a playground for the kids to enjoy.

Food recommendation

And last but not least, since we care for your wellbeing and we want you to fully enjoy your trip while savoring some quality food rather than wasting your time looking at every joint of the street for a good spot to eat.

And for that, we recommend you the fast food restaurant Mistercook. Launched in 2006, Mistercook is situated at the center of the city, its description?  One of a kind restaurant, it is always packed, but it never fails to satisfy.  Are you curious about it?

Get the chance to explore a variety of tasteful gastronomy; from simple cuisine to filling dining thanks to a well-designed menu, you will succumb to the taste of well-crafted hamburgers, crunchy fried potatoes and even of various sandwiches and pasta . Mistercook is the spot that thinks beyond the standard fast food joint. Why?

Here are the reasons:  all the ingredients are in front of you, you choose from a variety of different breads for sandwich or tacos or burgers, and whether you want it to be spicy or with a personalized sauce of your choice, and you’ve just been a part of making your meal without having put in any effort. There are plenty of pre-made selections you can choose from the menu. One thing for sure is that all the ingredients are thoughtfully sectioned; the seasoned spices are originally imported from India to cope with the unique taste, all of these ingredients are well maintained in a hygiene place. Mistercook spoils his costumers with a very unique decoration, stylish furniture and well-designed Italian interior with colorful theme.

For all the sweets lovers, Mistercook has it all for you! From hand-made delicious ice-creams, milkshakes, cakes and American brownies accompanied with their delightful juices for you to enjoy the rest of the meal with affordable prices starting from 2$/euros. The dishes are served quickly, it also open late and delivers all over the city.

Agadir is marvelous, colorful, and diverse with its authentic cafés and unique fast food to Michelin restaurants offering you an exotic break from the norm – all at a fantastic price.  You don’t get a better excuse to visit than that!

You will never get bored in Agadir!  Are you Eager to know why?

Here are the top places to visit :


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